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Why Trex?

Lasting beauty. Incredible durability. Low maintenance. It’s no wonder why Trex is in a league of its own.

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Trex Decking Comparison Tool

Use this tool to compare the price, color, maintenance cost and durability of Trex’s different decking lines.

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Trex Materials Estimator

Help your customer estimate the materials needed for their Trex deck.


Trex Decking Samples and Literature

Contact Trex Resources with your name and store number to order Trex® Sample Boxes and/or the Decking & Railing Catalog.

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Trex resources can typically be found in two places—in-aisle and at the Pro Desk.

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Download Ordering Guides

Find the item numbers needed to order Trex materials for your customer.

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Trex Deck Designer

Help a customer virtually hand-pick every element of their Trex deck and preview it in 3D with this easy-to-use tool.

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Trex RainEscape Material Estimator

Perfect for raised decks, Trex RainEscape helps keep areas below the deck dry.

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